Such Initiative is a public arts organization who invests in people’s imagination. Audience and participants are inspired as the hands-on process of participatory artmaking inevitably leads to individual as well as collective healing and self belief. The strength of our collaborations comes from embracing and celebrating diversity. Thus experts in different fields and communities are consulted with, ensuring a shared ownership of the process and the final public artwork with a reach beyond the individual participants. Key to the creation of the artworks is an innate respect for the environment. Therefore eco conscious and conscientious choices are made with regard to material and process of making.

Our approach takes its cue from the community of its specific location, where the intention is to shift thinking (of the community and of ourselves) through a process of research and implementation of public art specific to that context. We are motivated by a need to make meaningful contributions on a social, environmental and aesthetic level through public art.

The vision of the organization is: changing perceptions through eco-conscious public art. Such Initiative is a section 21 Company established in 2009 by South African visual artists HANNELIE COETZEE & USHA SEEJARIM.