Community Centres



From the 14th of June to the 9th of July we worked with 8 community centres in Johannesburg. Our three facilitators, Phumzile, Nkosikhona and Sipho were sent out to all of the centres to train the respective adults there as well as the children and youth who were interested in the project. They were also asked to participate in a questionnaire which was about recycling and art. When they weren’t weaving they were washing, sorting and nailing and if they weren’t doing that they were out there in the street searching for bottle tops! In the last week of our time with them we celebrated with cake and certificates and photos!

Overall, it took quite a while for each centre to get into the swing of things, but when everyone got into the process and caught onto the weaving. it was a wonderful sight to see: all the communities working together to create the pieces of one huge puzzle…

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RHRU (Reproductive Health and Research Unit) in Hillbrow facilitated by Phumzile

REEA Home in Criaghall facilitated by Sipho and Daniella. Here we would like to say a special thank you to REEA Home for their absolute commitment to the project and we hope that it extended their connection to the ‘everyday’. A big thanks to Daniella for everything and we wish them all the best with their next bottle top weaving project which they are beginning themselves!

Two groups in Orangefarm facilitated by Sipho as well as Ice and Zanele. It also bears worth mentioning that Zanele really made this project work for her kids that were participating at her shack in Orangefarm. From bringing in her own curtains into the shack to supplying fantastic food for us all for our final celebration. Thank you Zanele.

A group in Alex facilitated by Shannon and Nkoskhona. Shannon has been a great inspiration to us all – a fantastic example of a young woman who has empowered herself wholeheartedly in this project and whose passion and sheer determination will take her far!

Siyanqoba Centre in Honeydew facilitated by Nkosikhona.

A group in Diepsloot facilitated by Phumzile, as well as Tiesie and Patricia.

A temporary group in Melville facilitated by Sipho and Phumzile.


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We would especially like to thank the following people for their help at the community centres:

Ellen Crabtree at RHRU.

Zanele and co-worker in Orangefarm.

Erica Luttich at the Boitomelo project and Gerhard at the Hillbrow theatre

Daniella Alexander at REEA Home in Craighall

Shannon from the Alex centre

Tiesie and Patricia from the Diepsloot centre