2009 World art summit – Candyfloss intervention



The art intervention put forward by SUCH Initiative on the 23 September at the 4th World Summit on Arts and Culture was designed to demonstrate the ‘candy floss’ nature of the world economy and the role of art and culture in challenging some of the effects of the current world order.


Participants of the world summit were channeled into three passageways that led to candy floss arches, based on where they came from – ‘the East’, ‘the West’ ‘and the Rest.’ The term ‘the East’ refers to emerging economies such as China and India. The ‘West’ are those economies that have been dominant in global economics since the turnoff the 20th Century and ‘the Rest’ refers to those countries that are commonly known as developing countries or the Third World. Participants from each of these ‘regions’ were able to buy the candy floss at different rates.


Click here to read the Candy Floss White Paper. (Please note it is a PDF and will take a few moments to open in the same browser.)


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